2D character - JR style

When I first saw Jason animating so fast in Flipbook, I decided to adopt the same workflow. But as I was not a 2D animator, I couldnt really understand the construction of this simple character. It was harder for me to pose it in Flipbook than in Maya. Same problem many of my friends faced. So this is a short tutorial dedicated to this easy guy who seems not so easy to some of us. This guy is adaptation to JRs 2D style so many thanks to him for this wonderful workflow. 
Learn the construction. Its simply the combination of circles and lines


Experimenting a lot to develop a workflow. Its hard to beat the feel of traditional media although modern tools are much more efficient so its time to figure out what works best for me. Even in fusion there are like 999 means to achieve some amazingly unique styles. Its so much fun to explore all these styles and techniques.

SKETCH IT ALL - 12 : Doodling around

Just a quick test to experiment with some painting technique.

and studying values and lighting.

Quick Study - Male body

This is not exactly how i draw in general but did this one in a bit elaborated way. Sketching a lot these days .. it gives me a good mind set to work. Before starting an animation its a good way for me to get into the flow by doing a quick sketch. Recorded this for someone to show my sketching process.